Monday, 7 February 2011

You Cheddar Believe It: One for the Mini Wheat Dodgers

I first stumbled upon Isabel's Brazilian Flavours products at Salvo's in Headingley as they teamed up with Isabel to create a fantastic pizza base mix which is used in their award-winning restaurant. The pizza base mix is one of my favourite gluten free products and even my wheat-scoffing other half loves it. It's different because it's made with Brazilian cassava flour which makes it nice and crispy.

Since discovering the pizza mix and blogging about my find, Isabel got in touch and sent me a few of her other products to try. My favourite was her Kids 'o de Quenjo' Cheesebread mix. It's a really cute product and so nice that it's aimed at kids as I haven't seen many gluten free foods that are.

They're really easy to make so the kids can get involved. You just need cheese, oil, 1 egg and some water. After 25 minutes in the oven, they look like this...

You can buy the mix from Waitrose, Pomegranate in Leeds and online at Isabel's shop. I personally don't have children so I just make bigger ones for me! They go really well with Italian sauces or as a little snack.



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