Thursday, 3 February 2011

The Joy of Mex

I had a lovely surprise one afternoon when a little parcel arrived from Chapel Allerton favourite Salsa Mexicana.

The mysterious brown paper bag contained what looked like 3 freshly picked sweetcorn in their husks. I had no idea what they were but I was very excited to take them home and try them. Owners Simon and Fiona know me from my job at a local magazine and know I write this blog. Having chatted about wheat dodging and how great REAL Mexican food is for a wheat free diet, I knew that whatever it was, it would be safe to eat and flipping tasty. The mystery parcels made it home and I steamed them for 15 minutes as instructed. I popped them over a pan of boiling rice as I assumed this to be the best accompaniment for them.

The moment of unveiling the mystery parcels was very exciting for me on my otherwise dull Tuesday evening. They looked a bit like the meat puddings my dad used to get from the chippy when I was little. I was still really bemused as to what they were but the smell was amazing.

I later learned that the slightly spicy, cheesy and wonderfully stodgy parcels were in fact vegetarian Wensleydale Cheese Tamales with Poblano chillies.

So did I serve them right (see above)?

Simon explains

Yours look okay but we serve them in the corn husk. You can either eat them in your hand or as you've done unwrap them completely. Mexico proper is fantastic for a gluten free diet. Soft corn tortilla tacos and tamales are my fave. As served at Salsa.
We will be putting on tamales dulces (sweet) later in the year. Pineapple and chocolate versions. Unusual for European tastes but delicious nonetheless.
Salsa Mexicana is one of the few restaurants in Leeds that understand gluten and wheat free diets and have taken the trouble to do their research. Their menu has a GF key to point out which dishes are wheat dodger friendly, but do make your dietary requirements clear.

The most important thing to remember is, Margheritas are DEFINITELY wheat free!

De nada los Wheat Dodgers,


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