Saturday, 15 January 2011

Mmm, Bettys!

As a birthday present I took my sister to Betty's Tearoom in Ilkley. She really wanted to go for afternoon tea, so how could I decline? My sister lives in Manchester so doesn't see me everyday and knows little of my eating habits. She didn't realise that I would have to sit and watch her eating it. I felt awful. I had to keep the rouse going until she ordered. I didn't want her worrying about me, it was her day.

Then she asked the dreaded question "So what are you having?" Crap. No idea! What the hell am I going to eat? I had checked out their website prior to going but as they change their menu seasonally, there wasn't a list of exactly what was available for me. I know it's a lot to ask, but I was hoping for a list just to reassure me.

Back at the tea rooms, my sister has sussed me out. She knows I can't have afternoon tea and starts to feel bad about ordering it. Suddenly, she becomes my ventriloquist and starts asking the waitress what I can have. I just sit there feeling like a total pleb. Hang on, what did you say? Swiss Chocolate Torte? Fresh Fruit Pavlova? Chocolate Mousse? I can have them all? They're all gluten free? YES!

Swiss Chocolate Torte please, Lady Betty! The waitress kindly swapped the usual mini desserts and pastries that sit atop the lovely afternoon tea tower for a big slab of Swiss. My sister ate the sandwiches, scones and cream and I devoured the Swiss Chocolate Torte with fresh whipped cream.

The waitress was very clear that Betty's cannot guarantee all traces of gluten are absent from any of their dishes, which is fine for me. Just be careful if you have a severe allergy.

After the lovely tea in a china cup from a silver tea pot had been supped, we moved into the shop where the kind assistant photocopied their list of gluten free treats available in the shop. Here is the list in full:

Swiss Chocolate Torte (I bought another slice to take home)
Fresh Fruit Pavlova
Chocolate Roulade
Chocolate Mousse
Almond Macaroon
Chocolate Macaroon
Lemon Macaroon
Raspberry Macaroon
Pistachio Macaroon
Fresh Alpine Truffles
Champagne Truffles
Handmade Chocolates
Chocolate Desires
Boxed Fruit Clusters
Boxed Florentines
Chocolate Coffee Beans
Caramel Hearts
Peppermint Creams
Milk, Dark, & White Chocolate Bars
Harlequin Bar
Chocolate Hearts, Mice and Guinea
Chocolate Piglets
Small Milk Chocolate Bear
Mini Bears
Chocolate Westie
Mocha Caramel Log

Betty's have tea rooms in Harrogate, York, Northallterton and Ilkley. You can't usually book so be prepared to queue. Trust me, it's so worth it wheat dodgers!


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