Saturday, 29 January 2011

Leeds Coeliac Food Fayre in Pictures

On 29th Jan I headed over to St Chad's Parish Centre in Headingley for the annual Leeds Coeliac Food Fayre.

There was a huge turnout of locals who were queuing out of the door when I arrived. Most of whom were pensioners. I was quite surprised by this as I expected there to be a wide range of people at the fayre. It felt a bit like I'd crashed a coffee morning! There were a few families and young children though, for which a Children's party was held in one of the smaller rooms which was quite sweet.

Big names in the gluten free world such as Dietary Specials and sister brands Glutafin and Trufree, Green's Gluten Free Beers alongside smaller independents like Foodamentalists (see picture of pies below) had turned out for the bustling event.

The main hall had stalls around the edge that were all very crowded and difficult to get to, but some were well worth hanging around for.

I managed to sample pie crust and bread at the Foodamentalist stall. Both were really good. I finally got to try Warbourton's white and brown loaves which were both lovely and seemed more moist than their main rivals Genius bread. One of the best samples was Green's Premium Golden Ale which was absolute nectar. The stall holder informed me that the lager is stocked in Sainsbury's.

The best stall was good old Dietary Specials' stand which also had goods from their Trufree andGlutafin brands. They gave me a goody bag which included Glutafin penne pasta, Trufree Herb & Onion crackers and Glutafin Multipurpose White Mix.

I also tried some delicious bakewell tart at the Heavenly Bakes stand and ended up buying a whole one to scoff with a brew at home. They also make celebration cakes which is quite handy if you're planning a birthday or wedding involving wheat dodgers.

There were ready meals, an abundance of bread, sausage rolls, pies, pasties, shortbread, cakes and quiches. 90% were yummy with the odd exception of dodgy stuff we've all had the pleasure of at some point.

One of the most striking stalls was The JuSu Pantry who had come over from Chesterfield. Every wheaty treat you could dream of was on their stall. Check them out at

The most interesting bit of knowledge I came away with was from the leaftlet given to me at
theMyer's Famous Kosherie stand. Myer's is a little Kosher deli in Moortown which specialises in Jewish foods. Even though my fiance is half
Jewish, he failed to tell me that Jews are 'not allowed to eat any
products containing wheat' during Passover. As a result, Myer's stock a wide range of wheat free goods, particlarly during the Passover festival. Cool little fact for ya!

Out of curiousity, I had a chat with the treasurer of Coeliac UK in Leeds who was signing people up for £3 memberships. I don't really use their website or services much as the content can be very dry and a little bit depressing. To give them the benefit of the doubt, I have paid my £3 membership and will be posting my experience as a member over the next 12 months.

It was a worthwhile event especially as there was a free gluten free buffet. Sadly it had a big sign above it saying the couldn't guarantee the food was gluten free! I'd have some lunch before you go...

Thanks to everyone who has enlightened me today!



  1. Hi pleased you were able to attend the food Fayre and see and taste some the greater variety of GF foods coming onto the Market. As regards the buffet, we accept contributions from people attending, as it would be impossible for the few of us who volunteer our time to organise events such as this, in addition to our jobs etc to cater or finance food for such a large number of people, hence we cannot guarantee what they do in their kitchens. We do have to warn people of this. We request a voluntary contribution of £3 from local people who are interested in hearing more about events such as today. We receive no funding from Coeliac UK and it enables us to send out quarterly newsletters, pay for hall hire etc or we would to unable to stage events such as today. We hope to welcome you to more of our events in the future :-)

  2. Re: Warburtons? It has the massive issue of not being as solid as Genius. I have a couple of loaves that were reduced and whilst the bread is nice? I can't get a slice out of the packet without it breaking at least once!

    Genius is still my favourite on the market. And also - Tesco has new rolls out that if you toast are really rather good. Or maybe I've just forgotten what real bread tastes like!

  3. mmmm went to dock street market, dock street -leeds and they have a bakery inside called Joes bakery and they baked me some gluten free bread, you should check it outxx