Saturday, 30 October 2010

Gooooooooooood Morning Wheat free Fan!

They say you should eat like a king at breakfast (that means you too, wheat dodger!) Believe it or not, it is possible which I will now demonstrate...

Healthy & Quick Breakfast

During the summer, I met two ladies that have taken the plunge and started their own granola business. Shropshire Granola hand bake and mix their naturally gluten free granola and source all the produce locally. And it shows. It's pretty damn good granola! It's not cheap and is a bit of a luxury but, like I said, eat like a king. At least sometimes. I like it with vanilla yoghurt and fresh berries on top. It would be quite good as an alternative topping for a fruit crumble too.

Moderately Healthy Breakfast

Bread and sausage. Staples of an English
breakfast. And crammed full of wheat and gluten. If you've got an extra couple of quid to spare, you can get very good GF sausages and bread. Those
featured are Genius bread and The Black Farmer's Daughter chipolatas. The best places to
get GF bread and sausage are my much-loved Morrisons and Waitrose (a new one opened in Meanwood in Leeds recently. More about this wheat dodger's heaven soon). Other supermarkets such as ASDA, Tesco and Sainsbury's stock them too but are less of a sure thing.

There are other GF sausage options. Debbie & Andrew's are really good and I spotted a few that I haven't tried yet when I went on my first trip to Waitrose this week. Musk's and Good Little Sausages.

Gluten free sausages generally have a high meat content so are usually much less fatty than regular ones. They tend to be more expensive too but it's not like you're going to eat them every day anyway.

Eating Out for Breakfast

Eating out for breakfast ain't so easy. If you're really allergic to gluten, it's nigh impossible. Believe it or not, my beloved Morrison's have pretty good offerings at their cafe. As I've said before, I only exclude wheat from my diet so don't have to be too cautious, so I order a full English and give the hash browns, toast and sausage to my fella to eat. I'm confident that if you went to a nice Morrison's cafe and asked them to toast you some Genius bread and add a bit of scrambled egg, they would be happy to. You'd need to buy the Genius bread from Mosser's obviously. There's one in Rothwell in Leeds which is quite nice. I genuinely enjoyed it more than the breakkie I had at Gordon Ramsey's restaurant at Heathrow Airport. You can take the girl out of Manchester etc...

If you fancy something a bit more Guardianista, try Salt's Diner at Salt's Mill, Saltaire. The staff are unbelievably up their own backsides but the food is good, the venue is fantastic and they serve genius bread at breakfast. I've never been so excited to eat breakfast. I think Saltaire deserves World Heritage status for that alone.

The Holy Grail for me when it comes to breakfast time are croissants. I miss them dearly. I am always on the move and busy and would always grab one for breakfast on the way to work or at the train station in my wheat scoffing days.

I've found some convincing gluten free ones. At Waitrose. (You've gotta go to Waitrose). Again, not the cheapest. It was just under £3 for 3 mini chocolate croissants. The pastry is AMAZING. It's flaky, crunchy, messy and very indulgent. Chocolate centre, not so hot. Well it was hot, it almost burned my mouth actually, but it tasted vile. Surely that's the easy bit to get right?! Go for the cheaper plain ones and get some nutella to dip them in.

See, we're not confined to fruit and nuts for breakie. All that's missing is a big gold crown and throne. I'm working on it.



  1. Thanks for posting about the Musks and Good Little Sausage Company, I've not seen either of those sausages before.

    I'm going to be in Saltaire in a few weeks so will have to try Salt's Diner for breakfast. The food and location sounds great, even if the staff aren't!

  2. Saltaire is amazing, you'll love it. Not all of the staff were miseries, just a few. It's not a common thing in Yorkshire so the slightest bit of pretension is picked up on! Have fun.