Thursday, 17 June 2010

Treats and Meats Without the Wheats

Marks and Spencer's are all over the gluten-free juggernaut that appears to be sweeping the nation (about bleedin' time too).

While I was ranting and raving about their complete ignorance of GF food, they've clearly been beavering away creating a massive range of products that completely blow all the other supermarkets out of the water.

I went to investigate this week and bought as much as my little greedy hands and bank balance could carry. Exhibit A is their vast range of designer sausages. I bought Pork & Bramley Apple and Pork & Sweet Chilli. They were devoured at a pre-match barbie on Friday and were so tasty they almost made up for the less than digestible football game. I'm hoping M&S have some Soft Baps (always raises a smile) in stock next time as they were all out apart from some that we're imminently going past their sell-by date. Soft Baps ^_^ are also very good friends with burgers which, you guessed it, Marks' have created for us wheat-fearing diners. Exhibit B shows a lovely example of their burger range: The Venison and Sweet Onion Burger. Not my cuppa as I'm not in the business of eating deer. Dunno why, just can't get the image of Bambi out of my head, but I know a lot of you will appreciate them. That's not my hand in the picture by the way, it's my very embarrassed boyfriend who get's dragged around to hold things in supermarkets while I snap away.

Exhibit C shows the specially designed 'Made Without Wheat' products on their very own stand at M&S Leeds. Cakes, brownies, frangipanes and all sorts of bread, which sadly was only apparent due to the labels below the empty shelves. They were only ruddy doing an offer on the Chocolate & Cherry Sponge Cake too. 2 for £3! Bargain.

It's £2.99 just for one normally so I doubled up on the cakey treat and shared some with the office staff. They came in droves to sample it as they've tried my fairy buns and know I don't mess about when it comes to baked goods. The Choc 'n' Cherry cake was moist and sticky. Almost impossible to eat without getting covered in frosting and jam. It's an improved version of the original that they used to sell when they did the odd GF product now and again. I love love love the packaging too. GF foods usually have depressing packaging that looks either clinical or tacky and unappealing. This range has a lovely fifties style packaging that makes the products look even more tempting. The cake is kept moist in a plastic wrapper and kept intact by a cardboard bandeau. Very thoughtful.

On the same day as having all this excitement at the Marks and Spencer's food hall, I noticed that High street confectioner Thornton's label all their ice creams so you know what is gluten free and what isn't. Every flavour at the stand on Albion Street in Leeds was gluten free including my favourite 'Button Moon'. Just don't forget to ask for a tub not a cone and check that the complimentary choco stick is gluten free as I'm not 100% sure about that.

I've overdone it on the rich food now so I'm off for a lie down. The things I do for wheat dodging...


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  1. How great you can get all this GF food. I live in Northern Ireland and it seems GF has not hit the shops here yet.WHY? I'm also vegetarian. Another difficulty. I wonder is life worth living?????!!!!!