Monday, 7 June 2010

Mmmm & Yes!

I've given them a beating over the past few months. I've even stopped shopping with them after previously (pre-wheat dodging) visiting almost every day. It's a similar situation to when I fell out with Apple after I bought one of their pretty, shiny macs only to discover it was rendered obsolete after about half an hour (says she who owns an iPhone).

I visited my local Marks and Spencer's for my usual lunch fix one day absolutely certain that such a high brow and forward thinking retailer would have aisles full of wheat free goodies. I found there was nothing but a tin of soup sans their far-too-cheerful-and-garish pink 'contains wheat gluten' banner which is brandished ostentatiously across the back of their unnecessarily wheaty goods.

I'd like to think that my displays of disappointment are cause for their seemingly small yet also hugely exciting gesture of a beautifully presented loaf of fresh gluten free bread. As I refuse to go in there unless I have to, it wasn't me that stumbled across this little beauty, but my eagle-eyed sister who came over for tea. She lives in Manchester so doesn't pop over that often and therefore has not been privvy to my 'OMG it's wheat free!' squeal. I saved my most high-pitched one for this occasion.

According to my sister it was 'about £2.50'(she looked understandably quite upset about spending that much on a small loaf of bread) and she bought it in a Manchester branch of M&S. She was very lucky to stumble across the loaf as it was hidden on the bottom shelf of the bread aisle (I would never look in the bread aisle. It's like trying on a pair of Jimmy Choo's when you've only got a fiver 'til payday).

Was it any good? Well yes it ruddy well was. Four of us, including a very fussy 7-year-old with a palate to rival Jay Rayner sat down to some home made spaghetti bolognaise (I settle for corn fusilli bolognaise). As a starter we had some of the bread with olive oil. Everybody scoffed it happily and the wheat eaters compared it with bread you get on holiday in Spain.

Like a good book, I postponed it's ending for as long as I could so saved the rest for thin slices which I consumed over a number of days. I had turkey sandwiches on the bus (classy), toast for breakfast and bruschetta for a snack. Unlike other GF breads I've tried out, it was just as nice fresh as it was toasted. It still tastes fine after a few days but I would toast it after 3 or 4 days of opening. As with most things from M&S it's a bit of treat.

Sod caviar, have Jam butties with your champagne.


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