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Colonic Hydrotherapy in Harrogate Part 2 - The Results

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First off, I just want to thank all those who have been in touch about part 1 and patiently waited for part 2. I intended to write this sooner, but I was advised by my colonic hydrotherapist Lorraine MacNay to wait until I had received my second treatment so that I could really feel the full benefits that a colonic can provide. This is an epic post as there's so much to tell, so get a cup of hot water and lemon and pull up a comfy chair.

So, how did I feel after the first treatment? Well I definitely lost weight. I weighed myself before and after and the scales were a staggering 3/4 stone lighter after the treatment. Lorraine herself was amazed by this. I don't want to get those watching their weight too excited as weight loss can vary. Another of her clients lost 6 pounds for example. I am quite slender anyway but am more so since the first treatment. Let's just say that the first time around was very successful at removing unwanted visitors to my colon!

The second big difference was that my stomach was much flatter. I am normally very bloated most of the time and feel really sluggish and tubby as a result. I have to say that it's very rare that I feel balloon-like these days which is fantastic.

There were downsides to the first treatment. A few days after, I started to feel ill with stomach cramps. I had made the mistake of eating rich food a couple of days after the treatment. I suppose your digestive system is a little bit sensitive after having water pumped in and out of it and having good bacteria removed along with the bad. I didn't make the same mistake the second time around and it paid off.

As colonic is a form of detox, I also got a few spots around my face a few days later, but they soon cleared up.

I had my second treatment last week which is approximately 6 weeks after the first one. It's recommended that you have a follow-up 4-6 weeks after your first session to feel the full benefit. After that, you can have it done as much or as little as you like. This, says Lorraine, depends on your circumstances.

Colonic hydrotherapy treats a wide range of symptoms, so the effects can vary depending on your reasons for having one done.

The full list of symptoms are:

* Bloated stomach and weight
* Irritable Bowel Syndrome
* Frequent constipation or diarrhoea
* Depression (amazingly)
* Headaches, Earache, Sinus problems and Allergies
* Backache, Sciatic pain
* Acne, Psoriasis & other skin complaints
* Insomnia (again, amazingly)
* Candida
* Indigestion
* Colitis, Crohns diease
* Diverticulitis

I'll recap on what happens during the treatment and how the second one is slightly different:

* Lorraine practices in a specially equipped spa treatment room at Academy Spa in Harrogate. She is professional yet very friendly and reassuring.

*The tubes used are sterile and disposable so are not used on anyone else prior to your using them.

*Many people expect a big tube going to a place far far away, but the white plastic nozzle only goes 1.5 inches in and is about 1 inch wide. It feels a bit like you really need to go to the bathroom at first, but you get used to this.

*The water pumped in is at body temperate and is good enough to drink (obviously not afterwards!).

*You can see what comes through the tubes and the 'curiosity window' but rather than being really gross, it's fascinating.

*There is no odour.

*You will be given a gown to wear so you are covered up throughout and are sat lying down with your knees bent. Some people assume awkward positions are involved but they're not.

*The second session for me was much more relaxed as I knew what to expect and felt at ease with Lorraine. The treatment was much easier as a result so I was much more comfortable and the removal of unwanted visitors was much more successful.

*It's possible that the removal of toxins from your body can cause you to feel a bit giddy and light-headed afterwards, so probably best not to do anything too mentally taxing when you leave the spa.

*A great benefit of colonic is that it can get rid of cellulite which is caused by toxins in the body.

*Lorraine offers a reflexology treatment to have straight after the colonic which can extend the benefits and is said to be more relaxing than having a massage.
"Every single organ and structure in your body is mirrored in your feet, and you can tell a lot about someone's health from applying pressure to certain areas."
For more about reflexology and a very handy foot diagram, click here.

After speaking with Lorraine, which you will do a lot of through the treatment, you really start to think about what you put into your body. I have been much more conscious of what I eat and drink ever since and am really put off nasties that can harm my nice clean insides. I have a cleansing cup of hot water and lemon every morning to get my digestive system going. I avoid red meat where possible opting for fish instead. I try to eat dark chocolate rather than milk as it has lots of antioxidants in that are much better for you. And, I drink much less tea than I used to.

On Lorraine's information leaflet, she makes a really important point;
"As long as we continue to assume that the colon will take care of itself, we will remain in complete ignorance of perhaps the most important source of ill health in the whole body."
I will definitely be having it done again but maybe just every six months or even once per year.

Lorraine MacNay's price list

* Standard colonic hydrotherapy £65
* Course of 4 treatments £220
* Colonic with herbal infusion £65
* Colonic plus relexology £80
* Probiotic implant after treatment(to replace good bacteria) £10
* Reflexology £30
* Deep tissue massage £25
* Food allergy testing £20

I had two treatments at £130.

If you choose to have a go, please get in touch and let me know how it went.


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  1. Great post. Met a girl who does this for a living the other day and was very curious about it. Thanks for having the courage to talk about it.