Sunday, 16 May 2010

Worth the Dough

Hands up who misses pizza? Hands up who would break most of their morals just to get their hands on a piping hot stringy slice of Sloppy Giuseppe? Thought so.

Guess what? Pizza is back and it's guilt-free AND dirt cheap!

My favourite restaurant of the moment is Salvo's in Headingley, Leeds. They are pioneers of coeliac catering and do so very discreetly. They have won loads of awards too including 'Best Local Italian' on Channel 4's The F Word. I've written about their efforts for Coeliac Awareness Week for recently. Find out more about their general marvellousness here.

Salvo's family owners Gip and John have teamed up with Isabel's Brazilian Flavours to create an amazing gluten-free pizza base mix. I got my hands on a pack for £3.50 from Salvo's restaurant which might sound a bit steep but the box actually contains enough mix for 4 pizzas. By my maths that works out at about 90p a pizza which is an absolute bargain! The good news is that the mix is due to go on sale in Waitrose supermarkets so will be widely available.

I had a go at making a couple of pizzas to indulge myself and to hoodwink some wheat eaters into thinking they were 'normal' pizzas. Please note, I am not into long-winded complicated cooking. I only bother with quick stuff like this.

Here's how to make dough for 2 pizzas (you can freeze any dough you don't use):

*Keep some cornflour handy to dust the work surface.

*Preheat the oven as per the pack instructions.

*Lightly mix 1 large egg.

*Mix the contents of 1 of the 2 sachets with half of the egg, 100 ml of water and 1.5 tbs of olive oil (the best you can get).

*Knead the dough until it becomes 'silky and pliable' then split up into two balls.
*Roll each ball out as near to 20cm as you can. I struggled with this as I'm rubbish at rolling out dough.

*Bake on a perforated tray for 20 minutes

*Get your toppings ready. I used tomato puree (passata may make it a bit soggy), olive oil, fresh basil, mozzarella and salami.
*Remove and allow to cool for a minute or so, then add your toppings. Don't worry if they rise like little balloons, they will flatten when your toppings are added.

*Bake for another 5 - 10 minutes.

*Scoff, look smug, then, if desired, repeat above steps.



  1. Tasty pizza. I liked it as much as the wheat alternative!

  2. Sounds great, I will give it a try.
    if you wanted a nice Gluten-Free beer to go with that, try Estrella who do a beer called Daura which is 'apta para celiacos' which as the translation below says is 'suitable for coeliacs'. It 'aint cheap, but it sure tastes good.

  3. this pizza is absolutely the best thing ever.. My advice is to ensure ingrediants are cooked and self assembly. If you dont, it gives the cooked dough time to soften..