Saturday, 15 May 2010

Letters Page

I receive emails from fellow sufferers or those who think they may suffer quite often these days. Some seek advice and some like to share their experiences too. Where relevant, some posts will show my responses to those who have asked for my advice.

I will add letters gradually so you don't get an information overload...

Letter #1 - advice from a fellow sufferer


I follow your blog as I too am a coeliac living in Leeds and struggle to find stuff to eat out! Lunch is an absolute nightmare and I usually find if I’m out and about I end up having a packet of crisps or a chocolate bar as it’s just easier!

However, I work in PR and while attending a press launch last week was invited to lunch at Harewood House at its Courtyard restaurant and I was really happy to see that they offer all their toasties and soups with a gluten-free option. I had a melted cheddar and red onion toastie which came out on two rye bread buns (and usually I’m not the biggest fan of rye bread) however it was absolutely gorgeous and I would def recommend giving it I try. All the toasties on their menu can be made gluten free fresh to order.

Thanks and keep recommending recipes and places to eat! I take it all into account. My favourite discovery of recent years is def Morrisons GF flour which I’ve used to bake cakes and make cookies and it the best thing since sliced bread. I think. I can’t remember what normal sliced bread tastes like.

Anyway – keep up the great blog!
Kind regards

Letter #2 - a very nice email from someone I have helped

Hi there

I just wanted to write and let you know how interesting I am finding your blog!

At age 35 I have only recently found out the reason for feeling ill so much of the time, lots of food intolerances, wheat included. So I'm now desperately trawling the net trying to find ideas and recipes for things that I CAN actually eat!!

Anyway I won't bore you any further, i really just wanted to thank you hugely for such an interesting blog, so much information and so helpful :)

Take care and thanks again

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