Sunday, 25 April 2010

Brunch of Flours

At the best of times I'm not keen on spending ages in the kitchen, and this was no exception especially as I'd had a couple of glasses of wine the night before (I know, not like me at all...). So I decided to keep it simple.

The sun was shining and I had managed to get up and out of the door before 10 am on a Saturday morning which was very out of character for me (the absence of wheat in my diet has made me more of a morning person). I cheerfully skipped around the supermarket excited about all the food we'd be eating at brunch later on with our friends.

Summer berries with greek yoghurt, granola and honey, eggs Benedict with smoked ham and fresh bagels, banoffie muffins, fresh coffee and smoothies. Mmm.....

Hang on, what the hell am I going to eat?! My favourite GF supermarket (Morrison's) didn't have any granola that wasn't coated in flour (gotta have flour!), they had sold out of the special gluten-free English muffins I love, and I didn't even entertain the prospect of a magical GF banoffie muffin alternative.

I didn't want to compromise my guests' eating experience just because I had to compromise mine. As usual, I thought I'd play the martyr/hero by nibbling quietly on my berries and the sad little flapjack I'd bought as an alternative to banoffie muffins (they smelled amazing by the way).

My friend complete with her husband and very cute 1-year-old arrived for brunch. She's a thoughtful sort and rarely arrives empty-handed. She brought with her a lovely bunch of daffs and a life-saving packet of Sainsbury's Free From Sunflower Seed and Hazelnut Granola. I did my high-pitched thing and gushed gratefully before dashing to the kitchen to make some lovely summer fruits granola. I know that wheat-eaters are usually quite reluctant to try GF stuff but everyone tucked in and a chorus of 'mmmmm lovely' errupted as we scoffed the lot.

I had some GF wholemeal rolls in the cupboard so I settled for those instead of bagels with my eggs Benedict. Topped with lovely ham, poached egg and my boyfriend's amazing home-made hollandaise sauce, the GF roll was a reasonable substitute and the lack of bagel was forgotten. By that time with all the tea and smoothies I didn't really have any room for banoffie muffins anyway so didn't feel all that hard done by.

I pretty much got to eat the same as everyone else bar a few tweaks. I would genuinely book a morning off work just to do it all again.


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