Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Treats Ahead

Every day is treats day at our office, but they're often wheat flour-laden biscuits, pastries and cakes taunting me with their forbidden deliciousness. But one day, a colleague took pity on me and very kindly brought in some Byron Bay Triple Choc Fudge Cookies so that I could join in
with the sugar binge.

The bite-sized cookies came in a small box just big enough to share with an afternoon cuppa. Lovely big chunks of fudge and chocolate are encased in crumbly cookie (perhaps a little too crumbly). The wheat-eaters amongst the group (i.e. everyone else) didn't rate them too highly, but then again they haven't searched high and low for an edible biccie. They have a 15ft aisle in the supermarket devoted to biscuits they can eat so are a little more choosy than I.

Compared to the usual cardboardesque offerings available to us mere flour dodgers , they were ruddy marvellous. I think it helps that they are quite small so they don't fall apart so easily. I have no idea how much they cost but apparently they're available in Sainsbury's. They are entirely gluten-free too.

Don't make the mistake of dipping them in your brew, mind. Unless you like your baked treats to end up at the bottom of your cup.

Get the kettle on then!

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