Wednesday, 24 March 2010

That Fryday Feeling

What do you miss most about giving up wheat or gluten? Healthy snacks? Ah yes, what we wouldn't give to devour a delicious bowl of Shredded Wheat again. No. Our desert island dish wouldn't involve a bran muffin or a Go Ahead bar. I'm talking cakes, biscuits, huge slabs of bread, doughnuts and...FISH AND CHIPS!

It's been a very very long time since i've had a good portion of fish and chips, and of course once I realised I couldn't eat wheat, battered haddock was off the menu.

A new takeaway opened nearby and assuming it was like all other takeaways, I was ready to begrudgingly watch my boyfriend as he devoured a glutinous bag of fish and chips.

You know what's coming, they only ruddy well do gluten-free batter on request. They actually went to the trouble of whipping up a batch of fresh batter ESPECIALLY FOR ME! And I can tell you, it was the most crisp, delicious batter i've ever tasted. I'm even slightly worried that it wasn't gluten-free and i'll end up doubled in agony tomorrow. That good.

Said takeaway was Frydays on Street Lane in Leeds. If you're ever in the area, make sure you swing by and say hello. If not, just ask your local fish and chip shop about it, you never know, they might oblidge.


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