Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Free-From Fix: Gluten-Free Cupcakes

Is it me or are cupcakes absolutely everywhere at the moment? They seem to follow me everywhere I go, taunting me with their pretty, swirly, forbidden toppings. The chocolate ones are the worst, many of which even contain gluten in the butter cream. Is nothing sacred?! These cupcakes mocking us is a little bit like Jim Bowen telling you that you've lost out on a speedboat on 80s TV game show 'Bullseye'. "Look at what you could have won!"

The Bespoke Cupcake Company in Harrogate got in touch with me recently offering a sample of their gluten-free cupcakes (see yummy picture above right). To a girl who thought birthday cake was just a pipe dream, their offer left me with mixed feelings. My initial thought was 'Yipee!' followed by 'Nah, there's no way gluten-free cupcakes will taste nice'.

Six cupcakes arrived in a pretty box wrapped with ribbon. They were almost too pretty to eat. They looked fantastic, smelled gorgeous. So far, so good. I took a bite and managed to do so without it falling to bits like many GF products do (apparently this is due to the absence of gluten which is a bit like lycra and makes food stretchy). Emma from The Bespoke Cupcake Company informs me that her recipe conforms with the Coeliac Society's guidelines for GF foods so you can be certain that they're safe to eat. She's obviously been doing her homework.

The verdict? Delicious! They stay intact, are moist, light and the sponge has a lovely praline taste.

My opinion wasn't enough though. I wanted to test them out on hardcore wheat-eaters so I would feel even more smug about my cupcake discovery. I brought the two I'd resisted eating round to a friend's for a brew and a natter and she was really impressed. In fact, I'd got as far as removing the wrapper off mine before she'd scoffed the lot.

Though they are delicious, they really should be reserved for a special occasion. The box of 6 cupcakes above costs £12.50 from They can do lots of other flavours too including Banoffie Pie which I am dying to try. HINT: My birthday is on 26th May.

Cake is back on the menu. Another victory for the wheat-dodgers!


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  1. Take a look at this book- its really a low fat cook book, but a lot of the recipes use rice flour instead of wheat and the cakes are delish.