Tuesday, 23 February 2010

You're Havin' a Falafel

I was in a foul mood. The last thing I needed was to go traipsing around town trying to find something to eat for lunch that wouldn't leave me doubled in agony. Whilst stomping up and down the high street muttering obscenities about Greggs, I came across a deli/organic food store called Out of This World (Leeds) that makes fresh, wheat-free sandwiches. Result!

There weren't exactly a plethora of options. The choice was olive tofu and tahini or falafel and houmous, both on rye. I prefer to leave tofu to the vegans so I opted for falafel. I think it was one of those one size fits all type affairs; vegan, veggie, lactose and wheat-free all rolled into one. They'd basically taken all the fun out of it.

It was extremely sweet and had a really odd taste to it that I find difficult to describe. Not very appetising. They dangled the organic carrot of hope right in my face and all along it was a soya alternative.

I would still go back to the shop and see what else they have to offer. I will let you know when they've cracked it.


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