Sunday, 14 February 2010

Passed With Rye-ing Colours

I tried the Cider Rye Bread recipe mentioned a few posts ago. Just to set the scene, I have never ever made bread in my entire life. It's not something a twenty-something-city-dweller does really. I made time for this little beauty though.

It took me all of ten minutes to prepare the bread for it's overnight...stuff (is it called proving or something like that?) and there was a mega bonus, I got to finish off the rest of the bottle of lovely organic cider as you only need about 200ml of it.

Then when i had a spare couple of hours the following day I spent another ten minutes preparing the dough before leaving it to rise for 2 hours and then putting it in the oven.

It was so fool proof, even I managed to pull it off.

It didn't come out exactly like the picture in the Guardian. My bread wasn't as tall, therefore the slices are only a couple of inches wide. I reckon if I flatten it out less next time I can achieve proper slices.

Taste-wise, it's delicious and tastes just like a deli-style wholewheat loaf. It's quite dense though as they're not as airy as your average loaves of bread, much like my mum's lovely Irish soda bread.

I ate some straight from the oven with a chicken, turkey and bacon terrine from Marks and Sparks (a bit like a coarse pate) and it was heavenly.

If I were you, I'd pretend it tastes like the stuff they served with gruel in Victorian times (it looks a bit like that if you squint) so you don't have to share it.


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