Monday, 1 February 2010

Lager Than Life

I'd heard a few people mention Green's gluten-free beer before and finally managed to track the illusive stuff down this weekend.

Before giving up wheat, I wasn't a regular beer drinker, but ever since I've not been allowed to have it I've been dying for a cold glass of the amber nectar!

I was surprised to find that the beer was far from amber in colour but instead a dark walnut similar to that of a real ale. I can't stand real ale so I sipped with my eyes closed expecting it to be overpowering and too bitter for me. It was actually very mild and smooth with an after taste of caramel. Another plus point is that it's not too fizzy which most ladies will appreciate as you won't have to worry about the annoyance of bloating.

It's not the kind of thing you would drink much of (partly due to the the price), but it's nice to know that there's an option when you're craving a refreshing beer with a curry.

My bottle cost £2.39 from a health food shop called Out of This World in Leeds City Centre. It's brewed in Belgium which explains the price tag.

Chin chin!

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  1. I'm pretty sure I've drunk this before. They sell it in some supermarket's - Sainsbury's I think. I remember it being quick nice.

    Beer's made from barley, not wheat though, so surely all beer's wheat free, unless I'm confused?