Thursday, 11 February 2010

Bluffin' With My Muffin

I've just been dancing around the office kitchen like a loon. Not many people squeal with delight at the sound of the toaster popping. Those people don't know they're born.

Enter Morrison's Free From English Muffins.

Yes it's mildly tragic that I gain so much excitement from alternatives to bread, but food is kind of a big deal especially when it comes to breakfast. People spend billions eating out at restaurants, going to farmers markets and buying newspapers that tell them which restaurants and farmers markets to go to. So what if it's not cordon bleu? This stuff to me is like foie gras is to Jay Rayner.

Anyway, these muffins slice without falling to bits, go in the toaster like normal muffins and taste EXACTLY THE SAME AS NORMAL MUFFINS. Yes, I was excited too.

In other news, I will be testing Mosser's Gluten-Free pancakes at the weekend avec bacon et sirop which I have extremely high hopes for given Morrison's excellent track record. Keep up the good work, Ken.

Eggs Benedict, I'm comin' home.

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