Saturday, 30 January 2010

Use Your Noodle

I did a bit of research and found out that Japanese Soba noodles (the thinner noodles you get in dishes such as Yaki Soba at places like Wagamama's) are traditionally made with buckwheat which is fine to eat if you are intolerant to wheat (hurray!).

The bad news is, one of my favourite Japanese restaurants makes their Soba noodles with wheat flour (boo). I can only assume that this is commonplace at most japanese restaurants in the UK. I will find out if Wagamama's etc is the same. I was hoping that Japanese restaurants were going to be the easiest to eat at!

After thinking I could have almost anything on the menu, I spoke to the waiter at Fuji Hiro in Leeds (West Yorkshire) who informed me that all of their noodle dishes (i.e. 90% of the menu) were made with wheat. I soooo wanted Soba noodles, but was just as happy to hear that they would cook any dish I wanted with rice noodles.

Have you ever tried to cook rice noodles? My experience is that they stick together to form one giant chewy noodle that tastes a bit like chewing on the end of a Bic pen. Thank God for Fuji Hiro with their rice noodle cooking expertise. They were spot on. There wasn't much difference between the Soba noodle version and the rice noodle version of the dish.

It's so nice to know you can have almost anything on the menu. Fuji Hiro: we salute you.


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