Tuesday, 26 January 2010

If you can't take the wheat, get out of the kitchen

Sometimes I can have very unfair and irrational dislikes. Having lived with one who constantly banged on about it, I became very unsympathetic about such people and deemed them 'dinner guests from hell' or just plain awkward. I'm eating my words now. I'm talking about people with 'intolerances'.

About 2 months ago (although it feels much longer) I was informed that I had to cut wheat out of my diet due to an intolerance of the stuff (not to be confused with an allergy). I'd been experiencing all manner of symptoms that were slowly driving me mad such as bloating, headaches, nausea, back pain, and grumpiness to name a few. Nothing was ever life or death, it was just a constant annoyance. I also found that alcohol didn't agree with me at all unless it was a sugary spirit like rum.

Very slowly, it was causing lots of accompanying problems like having to get someone to take me home on a girls night out due to feeling dreadful or my moodiness causing pointless arguements with those closest to me.

At one point I avoided eating for fear that it would trigger my symptoms. It wasn't until I tried on a size 6 dress and it fit that I decided to sort it out once and for all.

Ever since then (those 2 months ago) i've cut wheat out and all the symptoms have gone. All but one. My craving for wheat.

I have scoured the internet for stories of people who have done the same but have just got bombarded with results about expensive allergy test kits and, for the most part, fairly pointless information. A lot of information is aimed at coeliacs (gluten-free diet rather than wheat-free only).

Good can always come from bad, so I thought I would share some of my tips for people who, like me find everyday eating a bit of task. Now and again I stumble upon some decent alternatives to my long-lost favourite dishes, so I thought it might help others to enjoy eating again if I shared my finds.

I will post finds separately so they are easy to spot. If you have any tips or finds please get in touch.


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