Thursday, 28 January 2010

Have Your Cake and Wheat It

I discovered a Gluten-Free cake in Marks and Spencers a couple of months ago for £2.99. It's Black Cherry and Chocolate flavour (which I wouldn't normally go for) but - wait for it - it's actually quite tasty! I couldn't find a picture of it unfortunately, but I promise I will take one next time I buy it.

They also sell a gluten-free fruit cake but it's not my cup of tea to be honest so haven't tried it. Looked reasonable enough so worth a try if you've been pining for grandma's baking.

Although this is great news for those who live for teatime, Marks and Spencers shelves distinctly lack any other gluten-free products. If you find any please let me know so I can stop wandering round their stores aimlessly trying to find something I can eat.


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