Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Bread Winner

I've tried a few types of wheat-free & gluten-free alternatives to bread, and the best one I've found by a mile is Morrison's Free From Ciabatta (around £1.69 for one stick). It's a bit pricey but it's sooo worth it. I even make a point of shopping at Morrison's now just so I can buy it. The one shown in the picture is Tesco's version which is similar (i can't find a picture of the Mosser's version).

I find it best to bake it as per the packet instructions and then slice as desired and put it back under the grill to crisp up. It can be a bit stodgey otherwise.

I made it into bruschetta recently and it was delicious. I even fooled some friends into thinking it was 'real' bread.

Their sliced granary bread tastes nice, but the tiny slices crumble easily when handled so you waste half the packet. Not recommended unless you are prepared to handle very carefully.

Happy baking.

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